Cross Chain Yield Farm

We have a mechanism that deploys buybacks of C4C (per sale and buy) and redistributes to treasury, DAO and community charity pools.
Using multichain protocols as described in the explained previous, will allow C4C to utilize all functional use cases from different chains to facilitate this.
This is done with the intention that $C4C/C4Cv2 remains at a nominal price position amongst foreseen market conditions and also to serve as a support line, in the event of inforeseen market conditions.
This helps: Token stabilization to particapate in donation use cases.
While no-one can predict the market. We will try our best to create failsafes and buffers to ease any hard drops and retain the ability to bounce back to even greater heights. Our (transparent) address to treasury funds will be trackable via our DAO as well as charity.
DODO, a next-generation decentralized exchange operating on the Ethereum and Binance blockchains, is designed to deliver all the advantages of a distributed platform, plus a user-friendly interface and liquidity that’s comparable to centralized systems.
In its quest to become the decentralized exchange of choice for the distributed finance space, DODO has built a suite of features that offer something for every type of user.
Traders benefit from capital-efficient liquidity pools, which help minimize impermanent loss and slippage between the actual and requested prices. Arbitrageurs can monitor price discrepancies between DODO and other exchanges. And with no minimum deposit and the ability to use single tokens, liquidity providers can create a market with tokens they already own, without taking on pricing risk.
"DoDo Docs"
Actively searching and interacting with, Balancer Protocol, Trader farming contracts in the defi banking sector, users will be able to farm tokens from staking C4C/C4Cv2.
We use SushiSwapX, Anyswap for multichain swaps, keeping it simple for users to keep track of their purchases.
$C4C is built on patience and community and not trying to get rich quick, granted we will do our best to make $C4C a synonym with ETH, BTC, ADA, XRP longterm crypto communities. But our goal is to offer the chance to be part of the beginning of an awesome community made up of us.
NOTE: $C4Cv2 will yield a different set of farming/staking rewards.
Liquidity Mining of LP tokens will be implanted every 180 days, with pools renewing every 90 days.