Q2 2023 - Crypto 4 A Cause CEX
Depeosit, trade, swap $C4C and $C4Cv2 for low fees on our CEX.
Full market exposure to all high liquidity pairs ETH/BTC/BNB, ability to stake in L(P) Pools.
When creating a new coin, how do you ensure its success?
Doxxing the team, drummin up a buzz, contests all play a part but creating a safe environment for your investors should be one of the first thing to tackle.
We've got you covered, get your contract audited, token promoted and KYB, every launch will have a vetted team. We won't launch anonymous, undoxxed projects.
OTC order book capability for peer to peer trades.
C4C CEX is an ongoing project and won't be deployed until Q1 2023, We will roll out beta tests in Q4 2022 for early users to get onboarded. Our full use case will be outlined in coming months as new features are unboxed and added to our gitpage. Stay abreast of features on our Medium Page.