Use Case
Why we exist.
$C4C is a MRC20 token residing in the Polychain ecosystem.
C4C Use Case
C4Cv2 Use Case
Utility token which will give holders the ability to interact with Crypto 4 A Cause Fund DEX (03/30/2023)
Holds DAO, but no reflection functions.
Serve as fuel of Crypto 4 A Cause Exchange.
Purchases upgrades, weapons, bulding supplies for game play.
Reflections built into contract.
DAO governance, fully autonomous at launch: Propose monetary disbursements, size parameters, even member proposals for vote.
(Full implementation to carry out selection of charities, non-profits and individuals seeking to extend education through learning.)
Use for enhanced in-GAME-play
Purchase of in-GAME-items like elements, land, weapons, skins, whips.
ETH/BNB/Avalanche bridge
Holders will be able to swap $C4C 1:1.2 $C4Cv2 (03/03/2023)
$C4Cv2 will sit on top of the Blockchain as a utility token, allowing users access to, high-speed transactions, cross-chain functionality, NFT rewards, and unlock cross-chain farming opportunities.
As a fully autonomous governance token $C4Cv2 will fuel cross blockchain-based voting systems, yield farming protocols, and tracking spending of company funds.
A little about Circle partnership.
Our strategic partnership with Circle (USDC) (VISA) will serve to build a bridge over the gap that non-profit charities deal with in blockchain adoption, such as defi to fiat conversion. We have solved this issue by correlating with Circle USDC wallet, which will give Crypto 4 A Cause Fund, the ability to disperse in USDC. The receiving party can then withdraw direct to their bank accounts. Saving them the pressures of crypto conversion which is quite daunting to non-tech individuals.
CIRCLE Payments & treasury infrastructure for the internet.
We help businesses accept payments and send payouts globally in one unified platform. Move digital money leveraging traditional payment rails and do business in a more global, scalable and efficient way through blockchain infrastructure. Circle seamlessly connects these worlds.
We will align our business idea with other market creators, as we are dedicated to merging web3 creativity and human issues and implementing a value structure into future models.
$C4C holders have the choice to swap at their discretion, as to secure different rewards from C4C/C4Cv2 staking pools.
NOTE: Presale $C4C holders will be able to swap to $C4Cv2 in Q2 2023.
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