Private Sale
Private Sale
The private sale will be a fairlaunch token offer. The Private sale is to fund the operations of Crypto 4 A Cause Fund native token $C4C. will hold Liquidity from SEED Round.
Private Round Liquidity will be locked into Liquidity Pools, with other sectors of $C4C Mission (Grants , marketing , research , NFT's , game-fi) receiving a reserve of USDC to complete their respective goals and to combat dramatic market fluctuations.
These funds will also be used to fund $C4Cv2 contract development, business expansion, farming, staking pools and IDO.
This involves all related activities including AMA, ads, interpretation, promotion and education grants. Finally, a percentage of the funds will be kept as USDC reserves to cover unexpected contingencies.
Liquidity Pools are Pools of tokens locked in a smart contract used to facilitate trades between assets on a DEX.
Balancer’s flexibility allows for up to 8 tokens in a Pool
Balancer Pools accrue fees paid to liquidity providers
(Shared to Treasury)
This will only be achieved once our token having being recognized by CMC & CG has a verified price source to interact with Balancer protocols.
DODO is a liquidity protocol powered by the Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm and built for capital efficiency. DODO offers a low barrier-to-entry, pain-free token issuance mechanic for long-tail assets.
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